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Summary: Illustration shows Nelson Aldrich as king of the “U.S. Senate” sitting on a throne with a diminutive Theodore Roosevelt kneeling before him bearing the “President’s Message”, around them senators are reading ticker tape or enjoying the success of their investments. The surrounding vignettes show Chauncey M. Depew as a doorman welcoming a man labeled “The Trusts” into the “U.S. Senate”, John D. Rockefeller sitting at a desk pouring over “Reports” and “Expenditures”, Charles W. Fairbanks as an office boy stopping Uncle Sam at the top of the stairs demanding who he needs to see and why, and two men stuffing papers labeled “Esch-Townsend Rate Bill, Tariff Legislation, House Bill” and others into a trash can.

Caption: Formerly known as the Upper House of Congress.

Image Source → Library of Congress

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“The government asks you to do your Xmas shopping early–Do it now”. Haskell Coffin ; American Lithographic Co. N.Y. – 1918.

Image Source → Library of Congress