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Walt Whitman, half-length portrait, seated, facing slightly left, wearing hat, hands in pockets [1880to1892]


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The truth can be found
But it’s muffled by sounds
Which prick and then pound
Upon the illest of grounds

Look past the lies
Lost in deny
Architects of why
rEvolutionaries of try

All that I see — Not all that I believe
All that I perceive — Not all that I believe
With many words — Comes much deception
With fewer words — More honest reflection

I’ve seen the truth
Held by disguise
And looked past the lies
Lost in deny

In the silence of mornings night
Veils are pierced by the light
The state of denial
No inches — No mile
In the silence of a fleeing night
Veils will be torn by mornings light

May enlightenment guide you
Where darkness seeks to hide you
The truth can be found
But it’s muffled by sounds

The more transparent the night, the more honest the days. As the idea of WikiLeaks expands and evolves throughout the world, the potential of transparency to inspire a more just and peaceful worldview becomes harder to quench.

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**Features the TÆ peace sign**

{53 of 365}

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Summary: Illustration shows a large red devil turning the crank of a large wheel decorated with scenes of gambling and with male and female figures labeled “Reformers,” “Citizen’s Committee,” “Women’s League,” and “Salvation,” as well as police officers hanging onto the wheel as it spins.

Image Source → Library of Congress

Wiki-Info → Puck Magazine

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“The world wants new knowledge – new skills Enroll – Federal adult schools : Many courses – many places – informal teaching.”

Date Created/Published: Ohio : Federal Art Project, 1937.

Image Source → Library of Congress


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We Rise Within

Or We Live Without

*The flame is composed of two upside down ?-marks.