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“The world wants new knowledge – new skills Enroll – Federal adult schools : Many courses – many places – informal teaching.”

Date Created/Published: Ohio : Federal Art Project, 1937.

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It’s time for peace to arise within
It’s time for love to live without end
It’s time for us to reinvent the wheel
… It’s time for us to love without the kill

Food Not Bombs

A collaborative effort between the C.O.B.R.A. Collective & THINKÆVOLVE. Print files are freely available for those interested. Can also be customized to help draw attention to any local FNB Chapters.

C.O.B.R.A. Collective

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Title: Treat ’em rough – Join the tanks United States Tank Corps / / Ahgiet Hutaf ; National Printing & Engraving Co., Chicago, New York, St. Louis. 1917

Summary: Poster showing a black cat with prominent fangs and claws leaping above a battlefield with tanks.

Image Source → Library of Congress

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Title: Carry on! Buy Liberty Bonds to your utmost / Edwin Howland Blashfield.

Summary: Poster showing a soldier charging into battle, accompanied by Liberty bearing a sword and an American flag.

Image Source → Library of Congress

“Governments will never save the people. They exist to exploit and destroy the people. There is but one force that can save the people – and that is the people themselves.” –Ethel MacDonald

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“The word anarchy unsettles most people in the Western world; it suggests disorder, violence, uncertainty. We have good reason for fearing those conditions, because we have been living with them for a long time…in exactly those societies most fearful of anarchy—the powerful nation-states of modern times.” –Howard Zinn → Link @ Scribd

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