What Show Have You Got, Little Man? [1908]

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Puck 365
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{64 of 365}

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Summary: Illustration shows a man wearing top hat and tuxedo labeled “Stock Manipulation”, one hand resting on a deck of “Marked Cards” and the other on a stack of gambling chips next to “Loaded Dice” and a wheel labeled “Brace Roulette”, all on a playing table labeled “Wall Str[eet]”, behind him are money bags and papers labeled “Fiduciary Funds, Treasury Deposits, Other Peoples’ Money, Bank Loans, [and] Pools”; standing in the foreground and looking up at the man is a diminutive man holding his “Savings” behind his back.

Image Source → Library of Congress

Wiki-Info → Puck Magazine


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