{58 of 365}

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Summary: Illustration shows a man labeled “Average voter” standing between two fields, trying to decide which one he should choose; on the left is the “Democratic Lot” showing “Bryan’s Financial Fallacies, Schemes, Dreams, [and] Instability”, “Opposition to a Sound Banking System”, “Inexperience”, “Obstructive Policies”, “Tariff Reform”, “Jefferson’s Ideals”, “Low Leaders [Thomas] Taggart, Fingy [William J. Connors], Hinky Dink [Michael Kenna]”, Anti-Everything”, “Sectionalism”, and “Croak and Kick Statesmanship”. On the right is the “Republican Lot” showing “Past Prosperity” and “Constructive Policies” among “Arrogant Rule [Joseph Cannon], Extravagance, Tariff Graft, Parasite Plutocracy, Special Privilege, Swollen Fortunes, Pension Graft, Foraker Type of Statesman, [and as a snake] Wall Street”.

Caption: The Democratic lot – Better soil / The Republican lot – a more alluring field.

Image Source → Library of Congress

Wiki-Info → Puck Magazine


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