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“Governments will never save the people. They exist to exploit and destroy the people. There is but one force that can save the people – and that is the people themselves.” –Ethel MacDonald

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Queen of Hearts – Liberty Love – The Card of Freedom

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Don’t you draw the queen of diamonds boy
She’ll beat you if she’s able.
You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet.
Now it seems to me, some fine things
Have been laid upon your table.
But you only want the ones
That you can’t get.

–The Eagles, Desperado

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“The word anarchy unsettles most people in the Western world; it suggests disorder, violence, uncertainty. We have good reason for fearing those conditions, because we have been living with them for a long time…in exactly those societies most fearful of anarchy—the powerful nation-states of modern times.” –Howard Zinn → Link @ Scribd

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When lies are sold from the light
An artist will be born in the night

In a world so heartless
I chose to be an artist
In a world loving blind
Addicted to the faultline

It’s time to break past the fear
It’s time to see for once more clear

What will you choose
Win or lose

Wise as serpents
The innocent doves
Religious dependance
Born in !BLOOD!

What will you choose
Win or lose

From ascending moments woven so clear
To dark and deep thoughts riddled to hear

It’s time to break past the fear
It’s time to see for once more clear
In a world so heartless
I chose to be an artist

-thE ArtiST


This country ain’t nothin but a company’s dream
a couple hundred million workers that’s all that they see
our hands on our tools, money writing the rules
from the sweatshop prisons to the cops in the schools
got the middle class livin like it’s gonna last
workin longer, harder hours for less & less cash
got the media spins, republi-crat twins
got the war profiteering for good executive friends
got the heroin runnin through the veins of the poor
got the ghettos locked down paying blood for the war
got the city’s decay, the dealers to pay
and the death squads working for the cia

you got a million new jobs inside a thousand new jails
outsourcing the unions, profit dipin in the scales
you got a brainwashed youth, a trumped up truth
and snipers aiming rifles on the factory roof
you got a 30 min speech full of ooo’s and ahh’s
got the cops armed tough out there breakin the laws
you got the front row seat to your own defeat
you got the tear gas canisters fillin the street

you got the laws all written for the rich and the white
trick the rest of those fools into the army to fight
in a dead end game, each war the same
you got a land and a people and a market to claim
you got a woman beaten down everywhere that you look
in the courts, in the jails, in the schools and the books
got the the tv set, sexisms on it
you got a country full of men taught to fall for that shit
yeah and i do too, i’m not blaming you
but i’m trying to unlearn what they said was true
yeah and i need help, i’m not afraid to say it
it’s a subliminal tool sometimes it’s hard to see it

you got a job in an office, you got your own room
got the pen and the paper and a drive to consume
got the suit pressed in, got to insist you win
and the raise to replace true ambition
you’re gonna move up the ladder at the company’s speed
gotta learn to dance quick for the company’s greed
gotta justify every step that you can
with your eyes closed tight and your head in the sand
you gotta fight the desire to fight the police
you gotta fight your heart and your every belief
you gotta trust the leader, whatever he says
with the flag held high, yeah…you’re already dead
you already gave up if you took their advice
if you played their game, you payed their price
you’re gone gone gone, yeah there’s no comin back
unless you realize your potential, raise your fist and react

if we look to each other and to ourselves
and ignore the phoney remedies they stock on the shelves
we can undermind the greed on which the system depends
in hopes to build a new world based on lovers & friends
we gotta build at the bottom what we want at the top
we gotta work together if we want this to stop
from the thick grass roots to the top of the tree
i aim for peace and justice and anarchy
i want peace and justice an anarchy


By Ryan Harvey -> RiotFolk